Do you have a plan in place to generate the income you need to fund your future?
We have one that will suit you and your Dreams.

Super & SMSF

Simply another investment. It just has an advantaged tax structure to encourage you to save for your retirement and look after your own future.


We ensure you have the level of engagement you want with your investment future. If it’s a little or a lot we can accommodate that.


Our clients have the security to know that if the worst happens, the required lump sum of funds of regular income will be paid to where it’s needed.

You may have heard the expression that we don’t go into the hardware store to buy a hole.
We buy the drill-bit to create the hole we need.

Investing Is like that. We don’t really want to buy an investment property or shares in and of themselves – it’s the income and the capital return that we are buying. Going further, it’s not even dividends we are after when investing, it is the trip to Paris, the new van and 4×4 to tow it on the big lap you have always wanted to do. It’s going into the local school and asking the principal for shoe sizes for the 20 most disadvantaged kids, then buying them all a new pair of Nike’s every 6 months until they have finished school. Its buying the kids or grandkids their first car. Or helping someone out with a deposit on their first home.  That’s what we are buying or investing for. Let’s sit down and map out what’s important to you, what you want to achieve and when you want to achieve it by.  You can achieve these things you just need a plan in place and that’s what we do at Elevation Financials. We don’t just do drill-bits, we do outcomes.

Let’s make sure that your hard-earned dollars are working as hard as you are.  Buying you the assets today that will generate the income you need for your tomorrow. In the end that’s what it’s about, regardless of what you want to achieve in life you are going to need income to achieve it.  Getting the right advice now in a cost-effective manner can make a massive difference in 10, 20 and 30 years down the track.

At Elevation Financials we ensure you have the level of engagement you want with your investment future. If it’s a little or a lot we can accommodate that. From the client who wants to catch up once a year and check in on how things are traveling to the more regular check-ups with input on investment selection. We can accommodate the level of involvement you are looking for.

You need to know that your adviser is working for you. Elevation Financials are not licensed through and governed by a big institution. Our strategies and advice is governed by your goals and objectives and that’s it.

Our Investment Philosophy

Basic Concept

Find assets that are focussed on paying more income next year than they did this year and do that in the most tax and cost effective way and the Capital value will go up in the end. Objective achieved.

There are two sides to every investment, the capital side and the income side. Let’s have a quick look at how this plays out with the three asset investment classes we have on offer.

Cash goes backwards. That is a big statement but it only provides the income side and that’s in the shape of interest, while the capital side can result in negative growth. This means when you do the sums on it after paying Tax on the interest, consider the effect of inflation that eats into the spending power of that cash, the value is effectively going backwards.  You are lucky to get any return at all. For example: $100,000 in a bank account for 12 months with inflation at 2.5% your $100,000 can buy $2,500 less stuff than you could have if you spent the $100,000 12 months earlier. This effectively turns your $100,000 into $97,500. Holding cash has its purpose but as far as getting a return it is pretty dismal.

Property does better than cash. It has rent on the income side and property value reflecting the capital side. You might hear that property never goes down. Not True. It just seems like that because on average we hold onto a house in Sydney or Melbourne for 10.3 years. If an asset hasn’t gone up over that time frame it’s definitely not worth owning!

Be very conscious of the costs involved in Property Maintenance, agents fees rates, Body Corporate fees, sales commissions at sale time and Interest on finance. This adds up and you better have a good cash reserve for emergency hot water service replacements or fix ups after rough tenants move out and leave damage behind.  Property has its place in a portfolio. Like owning the premises your business runs out of offers more benefits than just the investment return.

Shares or parts of businesses has both sides of the investment return. Income side is paid as dividends and capital side is the increase in the share price. While shares appear to be very volatile the big reason for this is they are very liquid. You can buy them today and sell them tomorrow. As we have live access to the value of the stocks in our pockets via our mobile’s shares seem volatile. Looking as long term as we do with property, shares return is Solid.

Income is again the Key here. Look at this chart here from Peter Thornhill’s Motivated Money site.  While you are browsing Peters Page grab a copy of his book. Very good read.

It show $100,000 invested in Australian Industrial Shares with the Income in the Bars and the Capital in the Lines. I am yet to discover an investment that was $100,000 in 1980 and now has a Capital value of $1.8m that pays $80,000 every year in Dividends. Income that funds your freedom that we spoke of earlier. I would like to challenge you to contact me if you have a totally passive investment that has required no further capital investment along the hay. You tell me about I might just buy it myself.

Yep the Capital Value Dipped and the so did the income in the GFC but hay that was the GFC, everything when Down. During the GFC we focussed on the income generation and leaving the funds in share for the capital value to recover in value.  Even with the drop in income in this chart, the income we were receiving far outweighed the return on cash and TDs on offer at the time and still today.

If you are not convinced that your assets are producing an increasing income stream or costing you too much to run please contact us and we can steer you in the right direction.