life insurance

There are speed humps that can happen in Life.
Do you have a strategy in place to protect you from them?

Super & SMSF

Simply another investment. It just has an advantaged tax structure to encourage you to save for your retirement and look after your own future.


We ensure you have the level of engagement you want with your investment future. If it’s a little or a lot we can accommodate that.


Our clients have the security to know that if the worst happens, the required lump sum of funds of regular income will be paid to where it’s needed.

You know, what our clients have is the security to know that if the worst happens, a lump sum of funds of regular income will be paid to where it’s needed.

We all know someone who has copped a bout of cancer, a heart attack or some other health crisis. If we can take away the financial stress in that situation the medical recovery is a lot easier to focus on.

There are many ways to do this so let’s sit down, work out what’s important to you and put together a strategy to protect you and your family from the unexpected speed humps that life can throw at you.

What is Life Insurance?

There are many different parts to Life Insurance. Let’s look at some of the speeds humps that life has thrown at a client to show you how it works.

John Citizen has home loans, investment property loans and credit cards up to his eyeballs and a hand full of kids. You have seen him on ads all over the place – he is the poster boy for debt.   His lovely wife Jane is a reasonably successful Author but she is currently experiencing a bout of writer’s block on her 3rd novel so John is covering all the household bills until Jane can get the book finished and published. Their adviser has put together an insurance strategy with four different policies: Life, Trauma Income Protection and Total and Permanent Disability commonly called TPD.  

John is overworking and has a serious heart attack. He has a Trauma Insurance policy that will cover his debt repayments for a while and an Income Protection Policy that replaces most of his income while he recovers.  Jane doesn’t need to go get a job to pay the bills and look after John between paragraphs and he recovers pretty quickly. BUT 18 months later he has a serious car accident and becomes a paraplegic. NOT good. His TPD comes into play and pays him the lump sum from his policy. This was enough to pay out the Mortgage and cover the renovation to make wheel chair access possible in his house.  He can also put a bit away for the kids University costs that are coming up and put some funds in the bank. Life is tough but his Income Protection has kicked in again and will pay him most of his monthly income until he reaches age 65.   

With the Mortgage gone and university costs covered Jane can now just concentrate on looking after John.

Just when you thought life couldn’t get any harder for John, 5 years after his accident he has complication from an injury from his accident and passes away.  His life insurance is claimed on. This Lump sum is so helpful to Jane as she can pay out the investment property Loans and means she has the freedom to make choices on where she will live and can take her time recovering from her loss.

This obviously isn’t a real family but if one of these scenarios were to play out in your world the risk management strategies that Elevation Financials can put together for you means that we can help you and your family when you most need it. Click here to contact us and we will set a time to see how Elevation Financials can structure your risk management needs focused on what’s important to you.